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Countertop Cost Calculator

Estimate your countertop project cost efficiently

MeasureSquare’s Countertop Cost Calculator is a web-based estimating tool that calculates square footage areas and generates a cost estimate with detailed edge finishes, splash and cutout options. It works for all quartz, marble, granite countertop materials.

Creating a quote for a countertop project is a hassle — no quick and accurate solution exists — until now. The countertop calculator streamlines the measure and estimating process to speed up the sales process. The calculator can be easily embedded on a store’s website.

A homeowner or sales rep can simply enter each countertop’s dimensions and details, then get a cost estimate — on a web browser from the convenience of a home or store. Also, countertop contractors, fabricators and installers can use the measurement report to fabricate and install the products.

Applications: In-store or contactless estimation, fabrication & installation

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Product features

Quick and easy to use

– Self-explanatory and easily to use graphical interface
– Can be hosted on a store website to engage homeowners to get their own estimates and save sales reps’ time to close a sales

Specify each countertop's details with visual drawings

– For each edge, choose whether it will have a finished edge, wall splash, laminate edge, or number of cutouts
– Customize wall splash by specifying height


Select product pricing options to go in your countertops

– Enable web visitors to shop from product catalogs with different budget needs
– Customize splash, edge finish, laminate edge, or cutout of their spaces

Generate a complete cost estimate report

– Create PDF document that be easily sent to homeowners as a quick estimate with a list of areas and quantities broken down by each countertop
– As web lead generation tool, to engage prospects and customers


Advanced Settings

– Works for both metric and imperial measurement
– Customize drawing color
– Customize product name, edge finish option and cut out pricings

Integrate this calculator to your website

Please add the following excerpts of code to your website HTML to embed the calculator into your
website. After adding the code to your page, click on the button labeled “Calculate” to use the calculator. To close
it, click on the button labeled “Close”.


<input type="button" id="calculateBtn" value="Calculate"/>


<input type="button" id="calculateBtn" value="Calculate"/>
<script src=""></script>
$(function () {
cancel: function () {
callback: function (data) {
console.log("Callback function called!");