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For landscaping takeoff estimating and bid

Landscape estimating software is critical for landscaping contractors to estimate and bid their landscape projects. Because the estimating software can import drawing plans from PDF and takeoff landscape areas fast and accurately. As a result, it helps landscape contractors to create professional proposal with colored drawings.

Landscape contractors can setup the software to measure landscaping square footages, volumes, linear dimensions and count items. To be more specific, the estimator handles complicated curved shapes, landscape materials such concrete, bricks, pavers, flagstone, grass, sod, mulch, bark dust, gravel, fertilizers, plants, and also labor costs as well. Estimating efficiently with accurate cost protects a contractor’s bottom line.

Landscaping distributors and contractors such as has chosen MeasureSquare as their software partner in US, Canada and other countries.

Trades: Landscaping construction

Best for: Landscape contractors, property owners and estimators

Sys Req: Windows 7/8/10, 8+GB Ram, 24″+ monitor

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How it works

landscape architect drawing takeoff

Import architect landscape drawings or measure them onsite with the software easily

  • Import architect plans with landscape pages into the software.
  • Measure onsite with a Moasure measuring device or laser meter to create a drawing.

Set up landscape material product list, labor charges database so it can be used for every project.

  • a sample landscape product and labor service data is provided.
  • set up and configure your material products and labor items cost and sales prices.
landscaping material and labor database UI
Trace material area, edge work and count item

Takeoff landscape areas, linear curb edges, sprinklers, and count items

  • Trace turf and synthetic grass areas, linear and curved curbs, sprinkler heads and pipes.
  • Count plant items, trash and dog receptacles, benches, trees and plant counts.

Drag and drop material products to the takeoff items (area, linear lines and count items)

  • Assign material items to square areas, or linear edging lines, or count for EA items.
  • Synthetic turf grass seam layout and cut list are auto generated.
  • Cost estimates are automatically calculated and ready for reporting.
landscape seam layout and cutsheet diagram
professional landscape estimate and proposal

Generate professional bid proposal with protected cost and margin in mind

  • Present a professional proposal to communicate and win the bids.
  • Easy to create WOs, POs and invoices with layout diagrams for site production by installers.

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