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MeasureSquare CRM Onboarding Track-0

Setting up CRM

MeasureSquare CRM onboarding tracks provide a guided way to implement the CRM system by the product teams from Measure Square, or by your own teams. It helps you get the faster and higher ROI with your CRM investment.

Track-0 focuses on setting up your teams, roles/permission, pipelines and stages, custom data fields, locations, terms and conditions for various orders.

Business Types: Mid-to-large size flooring contractors & retailers.

Team Involved:  Sales managers/reps, estimators, office managers.

System Platform: Any web browser on desktop and mobile devices.

Prerequisite: NO

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Key business results

Result 1: Set up your teams and invite team members

Manage your project bids, takeoff estimating projects, project documents and workflow with all the teams on the same page.
Pre-requisites: MeasureSquare Diagram, Estimating skill

Result 2: Define roles and permissions to control access and accountability.

Easily access your MeasureSquare diagrams, estimate data over the web. Edit measurement, drawing and product layout, and create quote, PO, WO and invoice on the fly.
Pre-requisites: Diagrams

Result 3: Set up your pipelines and stages to track processes

Easily create quote with accurate product catalog pricing, and MeasureSquare estimating data, attach diagram drawings to present professional quote, track customer openings and signature to close sales faster.
Pre-requisites: Diagram, Quote, Pipeline

Result 4: Add custom fields to projects, contact/account, order forms, products, tasks etc.

Easily tailor CRM to suit you, without any development help. Edit project stages, add as many columns as you'd like, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.
Pre-requisites: Pipeline Setup, Stage Configuration

Result 5: Accounting Integration

Result 6: Module selection and menu label configuration.

Easily manage installer crews and installation schedules, work orders with job installation diagrams.
Pre-requisites: Diagram, WO, Installer, Tasks

Result 8: Terms and Conditions for Orders

Easily create professional commercial bids with MeasureSquare takeoff estimating data, with custom bid formats and labor costs pulled from the vendor catalogs.
Pre-requisites: Diagram, Products, PriceBook

Result 9: Tax configuration

Communicate efficiently with your GC/owners with an easy-to track SOV tool. It is integrated with the bids, quotes, Change Orders, POs, WOs, invoices so it is easy to track the job costing along with the production cycle.
Pre-requisites: Quote, Bid, WO, PO, Invoice

Result 10: Order processing workflow control preference.

Track jobsite completion report, punch lists, and other field task activities based on the same floor plan.
Pre-requisites: JobTrakr app and iPad/iPhone

Result 11: Project import