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Enable your field reps and office teams to streamline estimating processes

Similar to Google Drive and Dropbox, the MeasureSquare Cloud enables you to easily share measurement projects and enable the collaboration between field reps and office coworkers to close a sales faster.

What do you do with the Cloud?

Back up and sync MeasureSquare projects
Share projects, product catalogs among team members
Manage subscription licenses over the web (add/cancel/pay)
Share floorplan viewer link to clients, installers over web
Integrated with management systems through Cloud API

Back up, Synchronize, Archieve Projects to Avoid Lost of Work

Sync projects among any devices to avoid data lost
Measure in the field, open/edit at desktop in office
Protect business data assets at personnel turnovers

Add/Remove User Subscription Licenses over Web as Business Grows

View your license information such as name, expiration date and status
Logs you off the current device to allow you to use the license on another device
Revoke a license when a staff left

Sync Product Catalogs and Projects with Team Members

So every sales rep quote on the same price catalog and estimating settings
Share your project with another user to view or edit

Integration API to Streamline Flooring Sales Workflow

Integrated with flooring management systems: Qfloors, RollMaster, CUF, CF/Data Systems, etc.
Workflow API for job management system
Embed flooring calculators for e-commerce website