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The Starter Kit is a 30-day lightweight webinar-based onboarding program, designed to help fast-paced teams set up our software. This is ideal for small to medium-sized companies who have used the trial versions of Measure Square and want help with making a successful implementation.

Class Details

Price: $400 USD
Setting: Webinar
Level: All levels

What do you get?

  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist: serves as your Point of Contact (POC) over the whole onboarding process.
  • 5 Customized Sessions: webinar sessions with your team (by your schedules) led by the specialist within 30-days of implementation period
  • Full Access to Support Team: 1-626-683-9188 Press 3, M-F 7-5pm PST
  • Recommended Team Size: 1-10

The onboarding process begins with a discovery session led by your Implementation Specialist. You’ll discuss your current processes and will review recommendations based on best practices we’ve developed after working with thousands of companies. You’ll receive actionable advice as well as resources you can bring back to your team.
Your Implementation Specialist will make the most effective use of your time together by covering certain topics on calls, and also giving you the right video resources that will empower you to get up and running on your own.
We’re flexible to your onboarding needs and find that our customers have the most success with MeasureSquare when we cover the training topics listed below.

Onboarding Format and Contents

Each webinar session lasts about 45-60 min and there will be follow-up assignments. The sessions can be customized to fit your team’s progress. By the end of onboarding training, your users should be able to use the software effectively to achieve your expected results.

  • Session 1: Explore your objectives and goals, which will be a part of a 30-day agenda. There will also be a discussion of the basic concepts and workflows of our software.
  • Session 2: Project/job and product database setup
  • Session 3: Plan import, scale setup and area takeoff and product assignments
  • Session 4: Estimating, seam layout optimization, tile designs, etc.
  • Session 5: Reporting and advanced subjects

A meeting session can be scheduled easily with a meeting link from your Point of Contact. To have effective meetings, the participants should be under 6 for the best results. You will also have access to customer support email ( and the team hotline (626-683-9188, M-F, 8-5pm PST).

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