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Stone Solutions Suite

Stone project takeoff, nesting, quote and CRM software

Combining efficient stone takeoff and flexible breakdown quote tools, integrated nesting optimization calculation, product and supplier database, and a sales CRM system that supports collaboration of team members and suppliers.
Trades: Dimensional Stone, Tiling Projects
Best for: Contractors, Project Managers, Sales Reps, Fabricators
How it works

Dimensional Stone Solution Suite

Dimensional stone is a high-value part of post construction projects.
The process of estimating/quoting to its clients, sourcing the products from its suppliers and fabricators requires highly skilled professional project managers and it is very time consuming and error-prone.
Existing software solutions for dimensional stone projects lack many key features specifically needed for this trade. Measure Square suite of stone solutions solve the problems with three productivity tools which can be deployed separately or combined.


Onscreen takeoff on architecture drawings with product feature details

– Import CAD/PDF plans
– Specify surfaces/edge finish, back-splash and cut details

Manage stone product and labor cost catalogs by suppliers

– Set product parameters length, width, thickness of stone type and materials.
– Manage catalog with product and labor pricing by suppliers.


Generate product price break-downs by products, types, unit and phases

– General tag mechanism to group products by various break-downs
– Instant and flexible quote for clients

Get Optimized Material Yields and Accurate Slab Usage

– Export takeoff measurement to get optimized cut yield
– Save turn-around time from supplier/fabricator


Fast Complete Large Scale Commercial Stone Cutting Project

– Import stone plan as excel file with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.
– Calculate stone product sizes, edge profile, fill ratio accurately.

Manage mass stone projects on our online layout planner

– Manually set parameter values such as length, width of stone materials, stone products.
– Manually add, edit and remove stone materials items or stone products items.


Export Stone Layout Calculation Result as PDF File

– Get instant stone calculation result in PDF format.
– Print out and share the calculation result with others.


Manage product database and suppliers

– Organize product photos so it is easy to find for next project.
– Create catalog by suppliers.

Track project status, communication notes among participants

– Project listing and archiving.
– Sales management report.


Create quotes, purchase orders, takeoff sheet

– Specific product details with accurate pricing
– Instant product replacement for flexible pricing options.

Track product sourcing and container schedules

– Export takeoff measurement to get optimized cut yield.
– Save turn-around time from supplier/fabricator.


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