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Hardwood Flooring Calculator

Estimate hardwood flooring square feet with layout direction

MeasureSquare Hardwood Flooring Calculator estimates hardwood/laminate plank flooring accurately with exact room measurement sizes, and it generates professional floor layout directions and patterns.
Hardwood Flooring Calculator can be used by hardwood/laminate flooring dealers, homeowners/DIYers to estimate hardwood usage and cost efficiently. It works for both metric and imperial measurement system.

Insight tips to set waste %, plank width and layout directions

Try different width and layout direction to inspect visual effect

– There are visual rules for selecting direction for hardwood plank layout
– Try setting it in different directions to visualize

Pattern and diagonal layout normally requires extra square footage for installation

– Wood patterns normally require extra square feet and labor to install
– Use plank width and length,  and add extra waste ratio to get extra amount

Estimate hardwood flooring usage for stairs

– Measure stair width, tread and riser length, and number of stairs to get square footage for hardwood materials.

Get a measurement and hardwood estimate report to shop at a local store

– Email or print this measurement report and bring it to a local store to get a quote for your hardwood or laminate flooring job
– It saves their time and cost to get your hardwood flooring project done faster

Advanced Measure App for Flooring Professionals

MeasureSquare provides professional onsite measure estimating app for flooring and related trade professional. To find out details, please visit :