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JobTrakr:  Jobsite Management…Simplified

JobTrakr: Jobsite Management…Simplified

At Measure Square, we are always listening to our customers. This is how we get many of our ideas for new features and products. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once said: “The important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer.” So over the years at Measure Square, we’ve heard our customers talk about the...

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Transform The Consumer Experience:  FloorForce + MeasureSquare

Transform The Consumer Experience: FloorForce + MeasureSquare

Flooring dealers across the country are faced with a challenge: sticking out in a sea of similarity.  Why? There are over 4,000 big-box stores and roughly 10,000 independent flooring dealers in the United States.  That means for every two-odd independent flooring retailers, there’s a big-box store with a hundred-million-dollar advertising budget right around the corner....

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