For flooring contractors, takeoff estimating is a critical step in their bidding process. Adopting a professional flooring takeoff estimating software such as MeasureSquare 8 Commercial is a common practice to speed up the estimating process. 

If you are already using MeasureSquare Commercial edition for takeoff estimating projects, the new MeasureSquare CRM can take your takeoff estimating process to the next level:  by enabling your PMs and estimating teams to collaborate, and to bid more projects with higher win rates.  Here is the ‘why’. 

What is MeasureSquare CRM?

MeasureSquare CRM is a cloud-based CRM system designed for the flooring trade with MeasureSquare software fully integrated. This means that you can access your diagrams and estimate data created by MeasureSquare software from the CRM, and use them to create quotes, bids, purchase/sales orders, work orders, installation schedules, and invoices.

How does MeasureSquare CRM boost your takeoff estimating efficiency?

  1. First, MeasureSquare CRM enables you to manage your sales team and projects visually in a Kanban-style pipeline, so you can easily find leads during each stage of the sales funnel. In addition, this view makes it easy to spot dropped-balls and missed opportunities.
  1. Your PMs and estimators create a bid package directly from their takeoff data. This process is instantaneous, providing more time to focus on the actual numbers, send out the bid, and move on to another.
  2. Send your bids to clients effortlessly, track when your bid is viewed by the other party, and receive instant notifications when your client signs off on it.
  3. Send vendor price requests complete with product quantity and SKU directly to your vendor reps. Effortlessly track response emails and stay on top of pricing expirations, with automated notifications sent to the right parties. It’s time to streamline your operations like never before!

How to get started with MeasureSquare CRM?

If you are interested in trying out MeasureSquare CRM, you can request a free trial or contact us for more information. We also provide quality support and onboarding training to help you get the most out of our solution.

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