Here is a Measure Square secret, one of our smallest departments is our sales department. You won’t hear that from many SaaS companies. Two of our biggest departments are our development team and our customer success team. We would not be where we are without our dedicated training and support staff who are focused on our customers’ success.

We have made it a focus to support and educate in all things Measure Square.

Let’s look at some interesting stats on where our efforts go for customer success. Our amazing support team collected this information.

  • We have over 20,000 hours of videos watched on our YouTube channel. That is over 2 years!
  • We have created over 560 videos that are heavily focused on teaching our users the software and how to make it benefit their business.
  • We have solved and closed over 1400 support tickets in the last 2 years. 
  • We have spent over 700 hours on the phone with our amazing customers in the last year alone.

At Measure Square, we understand our customer’s needs and preferences and align them with our business goals. 

create long-lasting relationships by providing value before and after the sale. 

We partner with our customers to work together and achieve success. Engagement and communication are critical for building and maintaining our strong customer relationships.

We tailor communication to the customer’s preferences and methodology. We take into his consideration how customers prefer to be reached (via email, phone, chat, etc.) and make sure to take detailed notes on the customer needs. 

We don’t wait for the customer to reach out. With follow-up, we keep their information secure and up to date. We do this in the form of regular product emails and helpful resources, and, of course, our monthly newsletter.

We guarantee we meet the standard through follow-up. A customer’s satisfaction is a top priority, so we collect feedback and ask for any areas of improvement.

Great customer support is the foundation of our customer success. Our customers see our commitment to success time and time again through our testimonials and user knowledge base. 

Now we are opening the doors to our Measure Square User Group so that most customers can share experiences, perspectives, and opinions regarding our software and more. Our user group will have exclusive webinars, product discussions, and more completely based on what the current user wants to learn more about. 

Click the link and join the conversation today!