One of the biggest challenges a new customer can face is learning how to navigate MeasureSquare. While some of our customers have worked with floor estimating software, others are completely new to the technology world.

Keep in mind that our trainers work tirelessly to make sure that every customer gets their needs met and are well-trained — so they can make use of of the program and integrate it into their daily work routine seamlessly and as soon as possible — we recognize the challenges that come with learning and implementing a new system.

Our newest technical support representative, Jim, has stepped forward to share his perspectives on learning how to use MeasureSquare, through our new hire training process. Maybe you will see some parallels between your learning process and his. Hopefully, you will find some nuggets of wisdom to help your new estimators and sales reps learn the program more efficiently and effectively.

Jim’s Perspective

I felt very well equipped when I first began my new job at Measure Square, with my extensive experience in customer service and years of taking construction/drafting classes in high school and college. I felt very familiar when importing a PDF of a floorplan into MeasureSquare and looking over it to see wall placements, cabinets, islands in the middle of the kitchen, and the direction of the door swing. I knew how to read a legend and understood the way products were called out.

However, I tried to read the legend for flooring products and felt a bit humbled. I have never heard of the term “self-coving labor charge” or “weld rod.” I can still tell you what a “California Corner” is if you are building a wall, but the rest was brand new. And I’ll tell you this, Google became my best friend during the early weeks of my training process here at Measure Square.

I have always wanted to work at a software company and now I am. I just never knew that 6 weeks in I would have so much knowledge of the flooring industry. This dynamic has made my customer support a two-way street, as far as exchanging knowledge.

Every call I take or training seminar I do, I am not only teaching industry leaders an advanced estimating software application, our customers are also teaching me about the flooring industry with their real world knowledge. I will definitely take that over a quick Google search any day. And so I am not only grateful for all the assistance I have received from the great staff I work with, but grateful to you, our customers, for the knowledge you all have instilled in me.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, folks. One of our trainers with limited knowledge of the flooring industry is saying that Measure Square is simple to use and good for streamlining the process of measure estimating. If you have new estimators who need help getting started or long-time employees in need of a refresher on our latest versions, visit our training options page to see what options are available to your business.