Recently, Paul Wilke visited the Measure Square offices. He’s the founder and president of Masterpiece Floors, which is based in Corona, California.

Founded in 1989, the company focuses on hardwood flooring. The motto is: “Just floor it.”

Over the years, Masterpiece Floors has had some very interesting clients. Keep in mind that one was James Cameron. Yes, he is the ultra famous Hollywood director and producer of films like Titanic, Terminator, and Avatar.

Then again, Masterpiece Floors has a dedication for 100% satisfaction. The company also uses technology, such as Measure Floor’s iOS mobile app. They have been a customer for the past four years.

“We originally used RFMS,” said Wilke. “But we wanted something better.”

He’s certainly a power user – and has provided Measure square with invaluable feedback. “I have features that have wound up in the software,” said Wilke.

The Measure Square app is part of his daily operations. The software has meant more accuracy, the elimination of overages – which is essential in light of the industry shortages — and higher sales. “I can measure and provide a customer a bid on the spot,” said Wilke. “The most important thing is that customers often tell me, ‘Wow, that’s cool!’ That’s always a good thing, especially when you are bidding against others.”

He has also used the software for projects that involve insurance coverage. With Measure Square, he can get exact room dimensions and attach photos to highlight the damages. The result is that he can usually get more coverage for his clients. “Measure Square has completely changed the way I do more estimates,” said Wilke.