The Measure Square Cloud hosts your diagram data and product database(s). In order for your data to back up to the cloud, users should Sync regularly in Measure Square’s iPad app (Internet connection required). Logging into the Cloud also gives you the opportunity to manage your account, license, and subscription details.

How does the team collaboration feature work?

Cloud collaboration is a newly emerging way of sharing and co-authoring computer files through the use of cloud computing, whereby documents are uploaded to a central “cloud” for storage, where they can then be accessed by others. New cloud collaboration technologies have allowed users to upload, comment and collaborate on documents and even amend the document itself, evolving the document within the cloud. Businesses in the last few years have increasingly been switching to use of cloud collaboration. (Wikipedia)

Depending on your company profile, the MeasureSquare Cloud can provide data instantly for the next person in the sales cycle who needs access to the information. Collaboration details can be adjusted to meet your company’s  needs.

For example: An estimator is out in the field and syncs their diagram data. Once the data is on the Cloud, someone back in the office can access the diagram and finish a quote. In short, the days where you have to wait for an estimator to bring back a diagram to complete a quote are over.  

Vector Illustration by Vecteezy!