On HGTV, those husband-and-wife teams make home flipping look so easy and lucrative. And it is when you have an entire crew and a network budget backing you up. But home flipping in the real world is difficult and often unprofitable. Yet with the proper tools, it can be a great way to make a living.

One of the reasons most home flippers fail is they go about it the old fashioned way. They scribble notes and estimates on a piece of paper during a walkthrough and think that their contractor will be able to purchase the correct products based on their chicken scratch.

It is no secret that estimation software exists, so why aren’t you using it? Below we will discuss RenoPlan and how real estate agents and home flippers can get their projects done faster and with higher returns.

Estimate costs and create 3D models instantly

Unless your home flipping business is a one-person operation, you need to be able to share the details of a project with your team as soon as you can to get the project off the ground.

Flippers and real estate agents know too well how a project can be delayed, which is why you need a mobile solution like RenoPlan. Imagine being able to walk into a potential investment with only a compatible laser and an iPad. Instead of using clumsy tape measures to make estimates, you will be zapping the walls while RenoPlan draws the layout for you. Then all you need to do is drop materials into the 3D model and upload the plans and estimates to the cloud.

Your team will have instant access to the project plans and can begin work immediately thanks to RenoPlan.

RenoPlan is a real estate home flipper product

Not only will you be able to get a project off the ground with RenoPlan, you will also be able to manage it and communicate changes to the timeline with your team. RenoPlan is a real estate home flipper product because it allows you to:

  • Create floor plans 10-times faster
  • Share information instantly with your team
  • Estimate costs and timelines efficiently
  • Finish projects
  • Flip houses faster

RenoPlan will also help you with the marketing of your flip because the 2D and 3D models that it generates are easily uploaded to Zillow and other listing sites. This will give your business a professional look and allow you to compete in the marketplace.

DIY house flipping isn’t easy

Everyone dreams of turning a huge profit by flipping a house in a few days. That may be how it works on television, but not in the real world. DIY home flipping is difficult. Many home flippers, even successful ones, quit the business because it becomes overwhelming.

RenoPlan will simplify your home flipping business. Instead of wrinkled papers strewn about the dash of your pickup truck, all the information about your home flipping project will be on your phone or iPad. Your team will have access to project information, timelines, changes and updates that will lead to finishing the project faster. And, your online listings will look professional.

Sounds great, right? Definitely. You can download it on the Apple appstore: